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Runner Beans

September's best: Runner Beans

Long, coarse and crunchy runner beans are synonymous with late summer when they’re heaven piled on a plate and slathered in butter and pepper, or part of a homecooked roast dinner.

Our quick and tasty tips:

  • Great stir fried with a little oil, chopped red chilli, garlic, a splash of sherry, rice vinegar and a sprinkling of sugar.
  • Use them in a relish to serve with cheese.
  • Try them in a salad with new potatoes, crumbled pancetta and an oil and lemon dressing.
Runner Beans
September's best

Eat Seasonably Use Them Up Tips for Runner Beans

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Valentine Warner’s Runner Bean chutney

Valentine Warner’s Runner Bean chutney

A fridge without chutney is like a car without a spare tyre. When you need it you’re screwed without it. This is one of my favourites and good for the late season glut of large runners, kindly given to me by 2 Aussie ladies who run a café in North Cornwall.

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