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Crunchy, super-healthy and incredibly easy to grow.

  • Really easy to grow. It’s one of the nation's best selling vegetable seeds.
  • Can be sown straight into the garden or in a big pot.
  • Harvest the fat red globes in the autumn.
  • Tender and crunchy when fresh.

Complete growing directions

  1. Beetroot seeds will produce several seedlings each.
  2. In a long container sow seeds in pairs in a row 9 inches apart, or in an 18 inch pot sow 3 pairs of seeds equally spaced.
  3. Water and wait. The seedlings will shove each other aside to give you a harvest of fat red globes.

Alternative method: you can sow seeds directly into the soil in your garden (9 inches apart).

  1. The easiest way to tell if something needs watering is with your finger: poke it into the soil to test.
  2. If the soil is damp just under the surface, don't water. If it is dry up to the first crease of your finger then you need to water.
  3. Seeds and seedlings need care when watering – use a fine-head watering can so you don't over-water them.
  4. It is better to water well infrequently than to sprinkle a little every day.

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All about Beetroot

  • Plant: March–July
  • Harvest: June–October
  • Container: Pot
    (alternative container: the ground)
  • Location: Outdoor space
    (alternative location: garden)
  • What to sow: Seed