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Straightforward to grow. Bumper crop guaranteed.

  • Easiest if bought as a young plant in early summer
  • Simple to grow in a pot or in the garden.
  • One plant will easily feed one person. Two plants is just greedy!

Complete growing directions

  1. Buy a young plant. They’re generous plants and one will be easily enough to feed one person.
  2. Hint: make sure the frosts are over in your area before planting as frost kills young courgette plants.
  3. Plant them directly into the soil about 3 feet apart in the garden. Water and wait!
  1. The easiest way to tell if something needs watering is with your finger: poke it into the soil to test.
  2. If the soil is damp just under the surface, don't water. If it is dry up to the first crease of your finger then you need to water.
  3. Seeds and seedlings need care when watering – use a fine-head watering can so you don't over-water them.
  4. It is better to water well infrequently than to sprinkle a little every day.

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All about Courgette

  • Plant: Late May–June
  • Harvest: Late July–October
  • Container: The ground
  • Location: Garden
  • What to sow: Plant