What to eat this month

Apple Cake

Apple Cake

Apple cake? Embarrassingly easy…

What you need


  1. Weigh however many eggs you want to use (in shells). I use three medium for average size cake tin.
  2. Same weight in butter, brown sugar and SRF.
  3. Cream marg and sugar, add eggs, drop of milk, SRF with 1 teasps baking powder, small pinch of salt, level teasp of ground nutmeg and same of cinnamon.
  4. Peel and chop about 2 large cooking apples or 4 Cox apples into the mixture. Roughly 1cm pieces.
  5. Turn into lined tin and cook ‘til done! I find 150˚ for 45 mins about right in my fan oven.
  6. You can ice when cool, add a drop of orange juice and a bit of cinnamon in the icing sugar for a bit of spice.
  7. Eaten when warm is best but disappears faster!